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What Benefits do Our Members get?
PTAK offers:

•  Recognition by Directorate of Industrial Training (D.I.T
•  Membership to a reputable organization for good reference.
•  Research options.
•  Magazines, books and learning materials at bulk discount for members.
•  Provide learning circuit and buyers guide.
•  Bringing members together in Conferences and Workshops.
•  Professional Development opportunities locally and overseas.
•  Promotion of Expertise in the country.
•  Individual Certification - the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance credential, we recognize excellence and set the standard for best practices.
•  Advancing PTAK awards - recognizing individuals and teams for their contributions to the goals and vision of PTAK.
•  Advancing workplace Learning and Performance awards - honoring individuals for their thought leadership in and advocacy for the profession.
•  PTAK BEST Awards - Honoring organizations that demonstrate enterprise-wide success as a result of employee learning and development.
•  Excellence in Practice awards - recognizing results achieved through practices, intervention and learning solutions from the entire field of industrial learning and performance.
•  Rapid Organizational Impact (ROI) Study Award and Measurement and Evaluation Award - recognizing excellence in measurement and evaluation for trainers to encourage networking.

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