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1. PTAK will provide resources for learning and performance professionals—research, analysis,benchmarking, online information, books, and other publications.
These include:

  • State of the Industry Report – analyzing learning investments and practices annually .
  • Benchmarking Forum – convening private and public sector organizations from around the world.
  • T+D magazine – keeping readers up-to-date on the latest ideas, trends, and best practices.
  • Books – publishing and distributing more than 200 of the best titles on training, e-learning, and performance improvement topics
  • Infoline series – giving short, practical “lifelines” on a range of subjects.
  • Learning Circuits – offering online news and features about e-learning.
  • Buyers Guide – providing a searchable database of products and services.

2. PTAK brings people together—in conferences, workshops, and online

  • International Conference & Exposition – serving the needs of the worldwide workplace learning and performance professionals.
  • PTAK Conference and EXPO
  • Conferences covering current and relevant hot topics.

3. We offer professional development opportunities for learning and performance practitioners:

  • Individual Certification – the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance credential.

4. We are the voice of the profession:

  • The industrial-based view on public policy in Kenya.
  • Provide the media with insight into the trends affecting industrial learning and performance.
  • Collaboration with associations, organizations, and educational institutions around the world.

We recognize excellence and set the standard for best practices:

  • Advancing PTAK Awards – recognizing individuals and teams for their contributions to the goals and vision of PTAK
  • Advancing Industrial Learning and Performance Awards – honoring individuals for their thought leadership in and advocacy for the profession.
  • PTAK BEST Awards – honoring organizations that demonstrate enterprise-wide success as a result of employee learning and development.
  • Excellence in Practice Awards – recognizing results achieved through practices, interventions,and learning solutions from the entire field of industrial learning and performance.
  • ROI Impact Study Award and ROI Measurement and Evaluation Award – recognizing excellence in measurement and evaluation.

5. About Policy and Public Leadership

  • PTAK to be recognized for shaping national discussions on workforce development.
  • PTAK's Policy and Public Leadership team to manage government relations activities. We represent our members' interests to policymakers through information dissemination, issue advocacy, grassroots activities
  • Published white papers
  • We examine the causes and actions for bridging the skills gap affecting our workforce and helps organizations around the country understand how to bridge the gap between the skills employees have and the skills organizations need to help them grow and succeed as we move into the next decade of the 21st Century.
  • Issues like the Skills Gap to be at the forefront of our work.


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